Diploma in Technology Management

Programme Objectives

This program will produce graduates that can work as assistant administrative officer, line supervisor and assistant executive (administrative and finance). The graduate may also further their studies for a Bachelor of Technology Management or bachelor in any related field at local or foreign universities.

To fulfill the objective of this programme, the graduate should be able to:

  1. Solve managerial problems in management and technology and to work in multidisciplinary teams in proposing alternative solutions.
  2. Demonstrate skills in management theories and technique logically, creatively and analytically based on sound facts and ideas.
  3. Involve in community and/or professional organizations and/or make contributions towards society.
  4. Continue studies at higher level and self development as a professional.

Curriculum Structure

Year 1

TITAS, English Proficiency, Principles of Management, Foundation of Microeconomics, Microcomputer Application, Introduction to Business, Malaysia Dynamic, English for Academic Study, Foundation of Macroeconomics, Financial Accounting 1, Principles of Marketing, Business Mathematics, Co Curriculum.

Year 2

Islamic Institutions, Organizational Behavior, Financial Accounting 2, Technical Drawing, Business Statistics, English For Professional Communication, Creative and Critical Thinking, Introduction To Finance, Business And Technology, Introduction To Operation Management, Manufacturing Process, Entrepreneurship.

Year 3

Islamic Worldview/Self Development, Commercial Law, Management Information System, Management Accounting, Interpersonal Communication, Production Planning And Control, Industrial Training, Industrial Training Report & Seminar.

Career Prospects

Graduates of the program can work as:

  • Diploma holders can work as assistant administrative officer, line supervisor and assistant executive (administration and finance).
  • The candidates may also continue to further their study in various disciplines such as Bachelor of Management Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration (Human Resources, Marketing and Operation Management), Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Information Technology and Education (Management).